Saturday, October 18, 2008

Vivitar flash hacked with phono port - P365 Oct19

I’ve had enough of the unreliability of the proprietary cable plug on my Vivitar 285HV flash. I’ve been putting off modifying it with a phono port like I did with my 580EX, but with the help of the Strobist discussion group, I found a reference with instructions how to do it, so I did it!And here’s the thing assembled with my modified Cactus wireless remote attached.
It works like a charm now. Completely reliable so far. I only hope my dodgy welding job holds. I’m a little wary of the cable being outside the flash. One good tug and it could pull right out. There was no room to put a knot in the cable inside the hole. I’d epoxy the hole shut if I was sure I’d never need to take the cable out in the future should it need re-doing.
I’ll just have to be careful with it!

here is another link

Adding A Mono Jack To The Vivitar 285HV

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