Friday, October 10, 2008

Hyperfocal Distance is?

Do you know what Hyperfocal Distance is?Posted by: jeff in Landscapes
If you are shooting landscapes you probably should. Have you ever wondered where to focus on a landscape to render the greatest area of focus from near to infinity? If you know how to figure out your Hyperfocal Distance (HFD), you will knoSo what is HFD? It is the point of focus that will give you the greatest acceptable sharpness from a point near your camera on out to infinity. The near point is half the distance to your HFD. The wider your lens and the greater the aperture, the larger the area of acceptable sharpness.
Every lens has a distance that can be calculated depending on the length of the lens and the aperture you are using. You might have noticed this effect when using a very wide lens where almost everything looks sharp as opposed to a telephoto lens which has a much farther HFD. This is because your HFD on a wide angle lens is very close to you when shooting at high f-stops so you will have more area in focus. It sounds pretty complicated but it’s really not. For example, you walk into a nice mountain range with a field of wild flowers in the foreground and you would like to get everything in focus. If you set your lens to f/22 and just focus on the closest flowers, the chances are that you won’t be sharp to infinity, which is where your mountains are. This is because you depth of field is determined by your HFD. Let’s say that you know that with your 24mm lens, your HFD is 3 feet at f/22. By focusing at a subject that is 3 feet away, you will be sharp from 1.5 feet to infinity.w exactly where to focus your lens.

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