Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cactus Hack Installing a jack to the Reciever

The other day, the PC Synch cable which attaches the Cactus wireless flash trigger to my Canon 580EX flash broke. I’ve read on Strobist that PC Synch cable connectors are notoriously weak and unreliable. One clever member of the Strobist discussion group hacked their Cactus receiver to have an additional 3.5mm phono jack. So I decided to do the same!
hacking a 3.5mm phono jack to my 580EX, I’ve not needed to use the Cactus’ flimsy cold foot adapter, which I have since removed. That left me with the perfect location to put a 60 cent 3.5mm phono jack. I drilled out a slightly larger hole, pushing the drill bit to the side a bit to widen the hole in the direction away from the Cactus’ circuit board. I used a couple of layers of electrical tape to cover the contacts on the board near the hole to prevent accidental short circuit.


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