Monday, September 29, 2008

Shooting Headshots What You Need to Know

headshots 101 a site for actors
It is important to know about taking good headshots. Yet, there do not seem to be many resources for you, the artist, to be able to learn about these basic tools for taking better headshots. The whole purpose of your headshots is to get you the opportunities that will open the doors to auditions and work. Headshots are the primary tool for actors to promote themselves. Without a good set of headshots you will not be able to go very far.

Some things every model & actor should know about headshots

Sunday, September 28, 2008

FREE FREE FREE Slide Show Software

Photostage Slideshow Software
Photo Slideshow Creator

Creating a slideshow from your digital photos has never been easier. Photostage brings your pictures, images and video to life and lets you share your favorite memories with family and friends in an interesting and portable way.
The brief was simple - make a slideshow creation program that is so easy to use your Grandma could do it. The result - Photostage.
PhotoStage is completely free.
Designed to be very easy and intuitive to use, Photostage will have you up and running within minutesFeatures
Stunning Transition Effects
Panning and zooming effects let you bring your photos to life.
Fade transition effect gives your slideshow that professional touch.
Preview the effects in real time.
Customize the duration of the effect.

Monday, September 22, 2008


 Add a power control knob to a manual thrysitor flash. The instructions here are for a vivitar flash but will work with any flash that has a auto thrysitor sensor like a sunpak or other. You can save a lot of money doing this way.
there is even a more advanced demo here.


This place specializes in Nikon, Canon, and Pentax.

Vivid Light Photography

This website has a tremendous amount of resources starting with a great article on types of portrait lighting.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Pentax Photo Gallery

Visit the World of Pentax Pictures. Pentax is tradition in Photography

Chris Warkocki - Photographer & Pentax K10D

A unique perspective when it comes to photography. Has a nice model gallery and shows you what the Pentax K10D can do.


Omar Junior has one of the best photo galleries when it comes to HDR. His website also has tutorials and explains all the differences and nuances dealing with High Dynamic Range Photography.
This is a very interesting website for there is much to do and explore. The pictures themselves will amaze you. You can also check out his photostream on flickr.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Awesome PodCasts and Photography Lessons

7 Photo Questions
See how easily you can take your photography to the next level by learning the digital photography tips, techniques and even secrets of world class photographers.
Whether you're interested in taking better nature photographs, the secrets to perfect exposure, how to earn money by selling your photos as stock photography, or how to take better pictures of your kids, you'll find valuable digital photography tips during our new weekly "7 Photo Questions" Podcast.
Hi, my name is Audri Lanford, and I'm passionate about digital photography. To help fire that passion within you, I'm interviewing many of the world's top photographers during my weekly podcast.
As your host and advocate, I interview a world class photographer and teacher to get answers to your biggest photography questions -- and it's all free.


Photoshopmama, aka Mama Shan, is one of the best Photoshop teachers our there. Best of all most of her lessons are free on Youtube and on her website. Follow the links into a world of learning and exploring Photoshop of all levels with such a wonderful teacher. She is your Mr. Miagi of Photoshop. To support her please visit her website and donate even if its just a dollar. A little bit goes a long way.


Visit my continous stream of photos on flickr. I post new pix often. Feel free to give feedback and leave comments.

Free Photography Magazines

Here are two magazines that are free and their websites are just full of valuable stuff. Check them out.



Ever wanted to get into stock Photography. This website links is a good place to start. You might make a living by selling those hoppy photos that are just sitting your hard drive.

33 1/2 Ways to Make Money with your Digital Camera

James Wei PhotoBlog is way cool

James Wei Photography has one of the coolest Photo Blogs I've seen yet. He has such an interesting perspective on things and he shows you how to turn the most ordinary things to the most interesting. Check out his blog for some stellar images insight as he shares his passion for photography.